"Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary is his style
With his words he makes the audience smile."

Even as a little boy, Karthik watched dance videos and remained just a mover to good music. But one moment came that changed everything for him. He reminisces, 'My teacher MrManik in Delhi said to me agar tu dance nahikarega, tohkaunkarega?' This single incident inspired Karthik to take up dance as a profession and conceptualize the idea of five boys with equal built and heights dancing to Hindi songs, with MJ-like moves. Thus, was born MJ5. Karthik featured in videos like ChaarBotal Vodka and Blue Eyes with Honey Singh and has also danced and acted in the Bollywood movie, ABCD 2. Karthik's dream is to expand the crew, build a school, play headlining shows in LA and more.