MJ 5 Entertainment is aimed at becoming one of the best dance companies in India the world someday.


It has become important for artists like MJ 5 to promote their brand of dance among the targeted clients in the best possible way. It has become essential more than ever to give the best dance performance each time they have a show. One of the issues of being such a big dance group in a country with a big population is that copies and imitators grow fast. MJ 5 also being such a big dance group with a fan following running into the millions, are faced with this problem quite frequently.

Thus, MJ 5 as dance group tries to customize their dance shows and stage act every time they perform for a different client. As experienced bunch of dancers, they understand the moods and vibe of individual corporate clients and choose to customize their shows according to the client’s demands but still being within the realm of what MJ 5 stands for which is Bollywood fused with MJ sprinkled with light humor. This takes them closer to giving the best dance performance and bettering themselves with each show. MJ 5 are complete professionals and very much understand the needs of their corporate clients.

They have undertaken numerous projects to represent their client before the targeted niche audience in the best light. They take immense pride in their dance style which is unique to them and are full of talent. MJ 5 is known for adding locking, popping, break, Bollywood and other nuances to their stage act complete with interesting formations leading to some of the best dance performances you’ll ever see on Indian television. In collaborating with other talent pools, MJ 5 discover new ideas, creative strategies, and customization for every kind of clientele. Their huge 1 million subscriber base on YouTube is proof of the fact that they do create some of the best dance performances on stage.

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MJ 5 Entertainment is aimed at becoming one of the best dance companies in India and the world someday. MJ 5 Entertainment are already on their way to start their own dance academy in the coming years, teach the needy for free and bring about a spectacular dancing revolution in India. One of the most effective things MJ 5 has done to grow into becoming the best dance company is become more involved in their own dance community. Their goal is now two-fold – to take their unique MJ 5 dance style to the world and to give back to the community by imparting knowledge. The larger aim is to become an exemplary best dance company in India.

In their quest to become India’s best dance company, MJ 5 has also done charity events, health fairs, free fit clubs, etc. so that their dance style reaches more people and to the nooks and corners of the country there by inspire young dancers. And it isn’t a surprise to know that these performances have actually grown their business, unintentionally and taken them closer to becoming the best dance company in terms of both talent and reach. In this process MJ 5 have realized that getting out there to serve their dance community is a wonderful way to grow their business.

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